Helping You Make Decisions related to Death

We guide you through decisions before, at and after death.

Pre Death/Funeral

While it can be difficult to talk about death, only by doing so can you control how we die and the impact on our loved ones. Read about the importance of making a will, organising your affairs and even outlining your funeral wishes.

At Funeral

Find a funeral director, a crematorium or even a graveyard. This is a very difficult time and we even explain what happens to the body, what is in a funeral and some of the choices that can be made.

Post Death/Funeral

After the death & funeral there will be a lot of paperwork & accounts as well as a number of legalities to be sorted. We will describe many of these and how to complete them. And help ensure you are supported in your bereavement.

About Hibernian Funerals

We won’t profit from your loss’ is the promise of Hibernian Funerals as you use this website at a time when you and your family are very vulnerable. Our aims are very simple. To:

  1. Pull into one location Information, Forms and Advice that will be helpful around the time of death. Whether this be for someone who works in the industry, for yourself or for your loved one.
  2. Promote environmentally Friendly options
  3. Guide families around that pitfalls that can lead to funeral poverty.
  4. Ask you to consider small changes and actions that can have a big impact.