Mediation is a process in which an independent, neutral Mediator assists two or more disputing parties in resolving the dispute in a collaborative, consensual manner. 

Mediation is not :

  • a substitute for legal advice – that’s what the legal profession are for.
  • a way of receiving counselling – that’s the role of counsellors and psychologists.

There can be a need for Mediation Post Need, however we would suggest that it is often achieves the best results Pre-Need, I.e. Pre the Death of an individual. Issues or disputes may have been caused parties to stop talking a long time ago or they could be simmering away waiting for an time of high emotion or financial difficulty to escalate things very quickly. As someone approaches the end of their life their initiative to resolve/avoid issues can be a powerful initiative.

Issues where meditation can help could include

  • Decisions about Legal Planning – Enduring Power of Attorney and Wills.
  • Decisions about living arrangements.
  • Making decisions after a diagnosis of dementia.
  • Handling contentious issues while in Nursing Home care.
  • Decisions about Financial Planning.
  • Planning business/farm succession.
  • End of Life Decisions.

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