Pre Death/Funeral

Many people don’t die as they might have wished to, or in the place that they wanted to be. The likelihood is that they have not left a Will, expressed their wishes about their funeral, or said what they wanted to say to those closest to them.

These are emotional and difficult subjects to deal with, but we believe it’s in everybody’s interest to do these things. So we’d like to make taking action on a range of important questions as easy as possible for you whether it’s something that you’re addressing for the distant future, fast approaching or even very recent death.

The fact is that death can come to anyone at anytime. We all like to think that we will die old and peacefully in our sleep, but death is very unpredictable and therefore everyone needs to prepare. So we’ll shine a light on some difficult topic’s, not to cause discomfort, but rather coming from a place of love. So

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss Death if an elder relative brings it up
  • Note that the preference for a hospice increased with age. Also that while 27% of respondents would like to be cared for in a hospice in the final days of life, this figure increased to 52% for people whose loved one had died in a hospice (UK study -Demos, 2013).
  • Decide what level of budget you would like to set for the funeral and if you’re going to borrow money, complete the MABS budgeting tool to see your ability to meet the repayments.
  • Consider the environmentally friendly option. Not just for yourself, but for the loved ones you’ll leave behind.

Also many of the topics addressed here are dynamic so require you reconsideration after life changing events such as marriage, divorce, birth of child / grandchild, serious illness/diagnosis, retirement or even the death of a loved one. Whatever your reason for coming here we welcome you warmly.