Funeral Plans/Financials

The worrying fact is that 71% of Irish adults were unsure of how their own memorial service would be paid for1. Even when it is known that a death is imminent, funerals finances can be a difficult topic to discuss as it combines both ‘Death’ & ‘Finances’, two topics we prefer to avoid. Yet the best results can be obtained the earlier some simple actions are taken.

Credit Union (CU) products you should consider

Death Benefit Insurance (DBI)

service offered by most CU’s which pays a lump sum in the…

Life Savings Insurance

Is an additional incentive to save regularly and maintain savings with the…

Death Benefit Plus – Funeral Insurance

a whole of life insurance policy which for a small monthly premium…

Loan Protection Insurance

is the cover your credit union provides for eligible members with credit…

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Other Funeral Plans/Products

Pre-paying with a Funeral Director or your choosing.

This can happen where you know which funeral director you would like to use and…

An Post –Funeral Insurance

An Post Insurance Funeral Insurance is a life insurance policy where An post are a…

Funeral Plan

These are financial products sold through intermediaries (certain funeral directors), but not every Funeral Director…

PENAL Interest RATEs


Avoid Moneylenders if possible. The maximum rate of APR, when collection charges are included, can…

Credit Card

From the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) 2 of the top 5 credit card…

Key Actions/Questions to consider with these products:

  1. Is it for a set amount or does it cover the cost of a funeral now or in the future?
  2. How will 3rd party costs (Disbursements) be paid for. Such as the likes of Grave Purchase, Grave opening & registrations fee’s, Music, Church/ceremony, etc.. These can be considerable/higher than the Funeral Directors fee’s.
  3. What happens if payments are missed. Do you lose all premium’s already paid
  4. Is there an exclusion time (minimum # of years paying premiums) before a claim can be made.
  5. Check the average benefit obtained for the premiums paid.
  6. Include the details with your will or tell your loved ones/executor of Funeral Plans (Financial) made.