What is elder mediation?

Elder mediation is mediation involving an older person.  Elder mediation facilitates the older person and their families and other relevant parties to have important conversations and make decision that reflect the needs of all, but with an emphasis on the quality of life of the older person.

How does it work?

Elder mediation provides a flexible framework that can be adapted to suit the unique requirements of each situation.  The process can involve one-to-one meetings and discussions, full group mediation meetings and work (research, drafting of proposals etc) being carried out between meetings.

What type of situations are suitable for elder mediation?

Any issue involving an older person may be suitable for elder mediation including: Housing and living arrangements; continuing care and long-term care; retirement; healthcare planning; safety; financial management; estate planning and probate; new marriages, blended families and step-families; guardianship and power of attorney; relationship concerns; end of life decisions; social and community activities