Sikhs believe in transmigration (karma) of the soul and that death is a natural part of life. They believe human life is an opportunity to break the soul’s cycle of reincarnation and return it to Waheguru, the Sikh name for God. Sikh funerals are known as Antam Sanskaar, meaning “the last rite of passage”, with the focus of the ceremony being a celebration of the soul re-joining Waheguru.

Sikh funeral rites are a set of traditional religious ceremonies that occur during or around a Sikh funeral. According to Sikh religion, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Following Sikh rules surrounding a person who is dying (such as not removing the person from their bed before death or not wasting their clothes).
  • The preparation of the body, including bathing and a change of clothes.
  • The Sikh cremation service, such as prayers and chants.
  • Religious readings after a Sikh funeral.

Sikh’s believe in reincarnation and disposal of the remains is by cremation.