Renunciation of probate or administration with Will annexed

If you have been appointed an executor in a Will and you do not want to act in this role, or if no executor has been appointed or, if appointed, will not or cannot act as such, and you are next in line entitled to act as executor, you can use this document to refuse your appointment. People often find, particularly after the death of a friend or relative, that they have been appointed an executor of his or her Will. They may have been unaware of the appointment and may not wish to take on the responsibility. In addition, even if they previously agreed to act as executor, they have an opportunity to change their minds. If a person does not want to act an as executor but wants to still retain the right to do so, they do not need to execute any form of document. This allows them the opportunity to come back into the administration of the estate at a later date if so desired. It is not final and is therefore more flexible compared with outright renunciation using this document.