Non Religious – HumanisT or Atheist FUNERALS

Humanism is a philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms the ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfilment that aspire to the greater good. It does not accept supernatural views of reality.​

The Word atheism signifies the people who have no belief in the presence of God. Secular humanism denotes the people who believe in the freedom of inquiry. Unlike atheism, secular humanism has a broader range of thoughts like values, meaning, and identity. The atheist rejects the presence of God, while secular humanism does not fundamentally believe in God. So humanism is compatible with atheism, but usually entails at a form of weak or agnostic atheism and agnosticism, but being atheist or agnostic will not automatically make one a humanist

A non-religious funeral service may be chosen when the deceased did not practice any specific type of formal religion. The Humanist Funeral Celebrant will officiate at your funeral service where there is no prayers or crosses on coffins or religious icons of any description. Because there are no historical guidelines and traditions in place for this type of funeral, the format is usually dictated by the deceased person’s wishes or by their family. Many of the same elements, such as eulogies and non-religious funeral readings, are used.

Unlike most major world religions these funerals can be held anywhere and by anyone. There is not a certain way of how to do a funeral. Some want a memorial service while others might not. Some prefer to be buried and others would rather cremation. They are non-religious funerals and are one or both of a celebration of their life as well as a farewell to the person who has died.