Hindus believe in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. According to Hinduism, when the physical body dies, the soul reincarnates into another life force.Whilst Hindus mourn the passing of their loved one, they also celebrate the onward journey of the soul to the next incarnation which they see as a step closer to Nirvana (Heaven).Hindus are told to avoid any unnecessary touching of the deceased, as it seen as impure.

Traditionally, the funeral should take place as soon as possible. In preparation, the body is usually washed in purified water by family members and close friends before the viewing of the deceased can take place. Hindus believe that the body should be left at home until the cremation, this allows people to visit the house and pay their respects. People are invited to dress casually and the colour white is preferred, black is considered inappropriate. There is an open casket at the house with a priest or karta standing over the body. Hymns and mantras are recited. The ashes are spread at a body of water or something of importance. In Hinduism the body is burnt in front of all the people invited to the funeral. Ten days after the death a ceremony is held, the visitors are expected to bring fruit. The mourning period ranges from 10 to 30 days.