About flac

FLAC is an independent voluntary organisation. Our aim is to promote equal access to justice for everybody. We take a number of approaches to achieving this aim:

  • Advice & Information: We try to help people to understand and access their legal rights. Thus we offer free & confidential legal information and advice to the public, helping thousands of people every year. In turn, delivery of these services keeps us connected with the legal needs of people and the issues facing them, which informs our other work.
  • Analysis: FLAC believes that the law can be used to advance the public interest and achieve greater equality, especially for groups who are more marginalised and disadvantaged. To this end we carry out research and analysis on our priority areas of law.
  • Advocacy: Where it is clear that a law or legal provision is unfair, discriminatory or not reflective of social realities, FLAC campaigns to bring about legal change that will benefit the public interest. This can involve taking strategic cases in our priority areas of work that will have a wider effect than just on the individual client concerned.