applying for Probate without a solicitor

When a person dies leaving property, money, and/or other possessions (i.e. an estate),
certain legal obligations have to be observed before the next of kin or other persons
may have access to the same. The overall process is referred to as the administration of a
deceased person’s estate.
Administration of an estate may be divided into three phases:
1- Ascertaining the assets of the deceased person (this may involve
examination of legal documents to determine title/ownership to property)
2- Obtaining Grant of Representation from Probate Office/District Probate
Registry (i.e. the Probate Process)
3- Payment of Debts; Settling mandatory Taxation obligations; Distribution
of estate which may involve legal interpretation of deceased person’s will
and interpretation of rules of distribution as contained in the Succession
Act 1965; Transfer of ownership of property.