Christian funerals are bespoke services, tailored to meet the needs of the Christian faith. Christians believe that when someone passes away, it is the end of their life on Earth, beliefs on what happens next will differ by denomination.

Family and close friends gather at Christian funerals to mourn but also to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. Each Christian denomination will have different customs and rituals on how and where a Christian funeral will be held. In general, the main difference between the Roman Catholic and the Church of Ireland funeral service is the singing.  Church of Ireland funerals typically have three or four hymns and the congregation (usually led by the church choir or recorded music) sing the hymns and other parts of the scripture and conclude with the Nunc Dimitis.

1- The Funeral Mass which you are free to use and print, courtesy of  Fr. Pat Rogers CP, Mount Argus Church, Dublin, to whom we are very grateful. This template includes readings, hymns and more. A very comprehensive and useful tool.

2- The Order of Service for a Church of Ireland (CoI) funeral you can find the service format and all the other funeral services from the Book of Common Prayer.