LawOnline is a web-based service which combines software and the legal knowledge of its solicitors to enable users to draft their own legal documents quickly and easily, and which are highly customised to their specific needs and requirements. LawOnline partners with a number of Irish charities. If your charity of choice is one of their … Read more

My Legacy

My Legacy has grown to an umbrella group of over 80 Irish charities working together to promote the importance of making a will and to ask people to consider leaving a legacy gift to a favourite charity, once family and friends have been taken care of and all other important personal decisions have been made.

law society of Ireland

A solicitor is a type of lawyer. A solicitor may give legal advice about non-contentious matters, such as buying a house or flat or drafting a will. To become a solicitor, you must complete an apprenticeship of at least 2 years and you must pass exams set by the Law Society at Blackhall Place in Dublin.