Credit Union (CU)

Death Benefit Insurance (DBI)

service offered by most CU’s which pays a lump sum in the event of death. Most members qualify and typically ~€1,300 upwards is paid. This may be doubled if the death is a result of an accident.

Life Savings Insurance

Is an additional incentive to save regularly and maintain savings with the CU. There is no direct cost to credit union members for this valuable benefit, with the amount paid out in death dependent on ones savings history with the credit union. E.g a maximum benefit if you save before the age of 55 which … Read more

Death Benefit Plus – Funeral Insurance

a whole of life insurance policy which for a small monthly premium can provide funeral cover in the form of a guaranteed lump sum on death. It can be used to pay for funeral bills, other significant costs at this time or be left in your Will to a loved one for any purpose.

Loan Protection Insurance

is the cover your credit union provides for eligible members with credit union loans. The premium for this insurance is paid by the credit union. Should a member with an outstanding loan balance die, the balance is repaid in full, subject to terms and conditions and certain cover limits which apply. Some credit unions also … Read more